So, that just happened.

Maybe it’s how much I’ve been enjoying running lately. Maybe it’s that I wanted to do more races when I moved out here.

I’m not sure what it is, but with some encouragement from Adam, I did it. I signed up for the La Jolla Half Marathon, which will be at the end of April.

Definitely not expecting a PR. Not even close. I’m just hoping to finish and feel good. I think it is going to be a nice reminder of why I used to run races all the time.

My first race in California. Here’s to hoping it goes well!


Sunday Morning Ramblings

So…once again, it’s been awhile. You know, I really thought I’d be all over the whole blogging thing once I moved and had things to write about, but in actuality I’ve just been living. Crazy, right?

In retrospect, I would’ve written about The Bachelor from day 1. I would’ve talked about how I thought Juan Pablo was completely fake, and how I felt like everything about him seemed forced and fixed for television…everything from his accent to his relationship with his daughter to the fact that he was looking for a wife. Of course, I didn’t write about it (or anything for that matter, see above), but if I had, everyone would’ve told me I was crazy for thinking that way and there was a reason why America loved him so much and why he was chosen to be the next Bachelor. Then, as the season went on, I’d continue to say this stuff and people would begin to see it and then I’d get to say “I told you so,” kind of like I did in real life to Adam and my coworkers.

Speaking of coworkers, work is good. Like…really good. Like…I got really lucky that I was able to find a job that is so perfect for me before moving out here. I just had my three month review. Stop and think about that for a second. I’ve already been living in San Diego for three months. Which is crazy but kind of awesome. My review went really well and they seem really happy with me, which is great because I’m really happy there every single day. My coworkers are awesome, the company is really incredible and I’m passionate about the kind of work we do, and the work I do on a day-to-day basis is something I thoroughly enjoy. So yeah, the whole job thing is definitely a win.

You know what else is a win? Life in general. Living with Adam has been really great, and I think it has exceeded both of our expectations. And don’t even get me started on how happy Maeby is. She is (unsurprisingly) my baby and her happiness comes before anyone else’s (Adam included, and he knows this). To say she’s happy is probably an understatement…

We go hiking, we go to the beach, and we go running a few times a week. It’s crazy to think that a year ago, I was living here…

…which is really beautiful as well, don’t get me wrong, but now I’m living here…

Life is crazy, it really is.

What else have I been up to?

Trying to make friends. This is obviously really important and really hard once you become a real-life adult out of college, but my goal is to do at least one social thing a week (usually weekends, and usually more). So like last night, I went to my friend’s house and hung out with her and a few other people. The week before, I went out for another friend’s birthday. It’s hard but I’m trying.

Running! It’s beautiful here…the weather and the scenery. So, I’ve been trying to take advantage and I’ve actually been making a conscious effort to get back into the whole running game. Once I’m doing it regularly, I love it, it’s just getting me to the point where I’m doing it often. This past week, Maeby and I ran 4 days, for a total of 22 miles. It felt great, just ask Maeby. Yesterday I also bought new running shoes (Brooks, for the first time ever), so if I like them maybe I’ll write about them.

Working. Work is busy and traffic sucks, so it’s usually 10-hour days total (with work and my commute), but I’m not mad. It’s kind of awesome.

I suppose that’s about it for now. I’m currently sitting in our backyard. Adam is still asleep, the sun is out and bird are chirping around me, and Maeby is eating sticks.

Life is good, and happy Sunday!

I Didn’t End Up Running That Race

If you’re wondering which race I’m referring to, it’s this one.

Back at the beginning of April, I began feeling a pain in my belly button when I bent over. I couldn’t figure out what it was, but as a few days went by, the pain only got worse. At the time, I still had in my belly button ring from when I got it pierced when I was 13, and I thought it might have to do with that, but then after a few days, I noticed a bump inside of my belly button that was painful.

My roommate is wise and she told me to go to a doctor. She said it might be a hernia. I google imaged umbilical hernia (here’s a tip: don’t do that) and got freaked out and went to the doctor the following day.

This doctor confirmed that I had an umbilical hernia and that I should go to a local oncologist to get it evaluated further and then schedule surgery to repair it, if necessary. The oncologist recommended I get the surgery, so I scheduled an appointment for three weeks away, the closest appointment I could get.

The oncologist explained the recovery for the hernia repair, and explained that I would not be allowed to do anything other than walk for at least four weeks. At this point, it was the end of April, and my appointment wasn’t scheduled until the second week in May, meaning I wouldn’t be allowed to do any training for the race, and technically, I’d still be recovering from surgery. So I contacted the Hartford Marathon Foundation and got a refund. So, there’s that.

In the end, once I took my belly button ring out, and there was no continuous pressure on the hernia itself, the pain subsided. I spoke with my primary doctor, and when I asked if I could postpone my surgery until the winter, when I can’t really do any fun exercise anyway because of the weather, he said it was fine as long as there was no pain during the time until then. So…I canceled my appointment and I have yet to reschedule it, and I’m not sure if I will.

The doctor said I can run and do other forms of cardio but I shouldn’t do any crazy lifting due to possibly straining myself even more. I’d like to start lifting heavy again (which is actually what I think did this to me anyway…not gonna lie, I think it was CrossFit), but I can’t do that until this thing is repaired. And since my goals kind of shifted as a result of my missing long distance running so much, I’ve decided to focus on that.

I’ve had some good runs recently and have tried to be consistent more than anything else. And I began looking at races again and trying to map out a training schedule based on two races that I’d like to complete this fall. I’m definitely interested in one more than the other, but I’m nervous about how my training will go with:

  • Coaching (again!) this fall at the local high school, and thus having 11- and 12-hour days again, on top of getting in my 3- to 10-mile runs during the week. Obviously, the 3-milers won’t be an issue, but fitting in 10 miles might be after a long day, which means I will need to suck it up and get up early…
  • A 9-day trip to California to see my brother (possibly…this all depends on how the launch of the new TV network he’s working for goes) and Adam. It’s shouldn’t be too much of a difference weather-wise at that time of year, but the biggest thing will be getting out of bed to go for a 13- and 18-mile run in the morning. Again, I’ll have to find motivation to peel myself away from the comfort of my brother’s and Adam’s house for 2-3 hours. By this point though, I imagine I’ll be feeling so good about things and looking very much forward to my long runs that I will be okay with it…

So, once again I’m rambling and I’ve veered off from the main topic here.

So to summarize:

I’m pretty sure I got a hernia from lifting too heavy at CrossFit. I withdrew my registration from a half marathon in the beginning of June because of the aforementioned hernia and surgery I had scheduled to repair it. I postponed my surgery until the winter. I’ve decided to focus back on long distance running because I miss it so much. I have two races I’d like to run this fall but we will see how that goes because of a crazy-busy schedule in the fall, and general laziness on my end.

But one of the races is in a really fun city right around my birthday and I thought about making a trip out of it with a bunch of people.

Still rambling, gonna cut this off now. But had to get my thoughts out and openly discuss what happened and then kinda-sorta openly discuss my plan to run these races for some kinda-sorta accountability. The end.


On Recent Events in Boston.

I was watching the race live online. Then I stepped out of my office for an hour to grab lunch.

My friend Kerri ran Boston for her third year in a row, and I spent part of my morning tracking her status online until I left the office. When I got back to my office and got news of what happened, I immediately thought of Kerri. I checked her status and saw that she had crossed the finish, and then checked her Facebook page. She hadn’t updated, but a friend had posted on her account. She didn’t have her phone with her, but she was safe. I was relieved. Later, as she posted a status update (as did her boyfriend), I learned that had she run a mere 10 minutes slower, she likely would’ve been crossing the finish around that time.

When I learned she was okay, my thoughts then turned to all of my other friends in Boston, all of whom are fortunately safe.

Then, my thoughts turned to the rest of the runners at yesterday’s marathon, particularly when I saw a video of the finish line as the bombs went off.

I began thinking about how those runners felt to be approaching the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Of all the races, this is the race.

I thought back to how I felt when I approached the finish line of the marathon I did in Las Vegas. Throughout the second half of that marathon, I was physically and mentally struggling to finish. So many times, I wanted it to be over. My hips and knees screamed at me. My mind told me I couldn’t finish. But with each mile marker that I passed, came new hope and a strong realization that I would finish. So when I crossed the 26-mile marker, I was ecstatic. I was emotionally drained from the race and hitting walls. I was in a fog. I was relieved and excited and in awe of myself. And as I crossed the finish line, those feelings all disappeared. The cheering crowd took over, my feet shuffled over the finish line and all that was left was the realization that I had just run 26.2 miles. I finished a marathon.

So thinking back on all of this, I just imagined all of those feelings coupled with the confusion, disorientation, and panic that any runner (or spectator) felt yesterday. I imagined how it would feel to be approaching that finish line, with all the positive feelings of knowing you were about to finish, but the feeling of being so exhausted that you simply just wanted–no, needed–to finish, only to hear explosions going off around you, screams piercing the air, and the steps of spectators running away from the finish line, which just moments before represented the months of training, the miles logged, the anxiety leading up to the race, the fatigue and mental breakdowns, and the reward for getting through all of it.

And that’s just it. I can’t think about it or clearly imagine it, because all I can do is associate the completion of a race to something positive, especially when it comes to races like Boston.

It’s unreal. And though I’ve tried to put my feelings and thoughts into words, I can’t. Once again, there are no words. I don’t know what to think or what to say. And I hate that the Boston Marathon will forever be marred by what happened, and that yesterday, which should’ve been a day to celebrate achievements and money raised for charities and PRs, will instead be a day of tragedy.

Sunday Things.

Best way to spend Sunday morning?

Arrested Development and an early morning run…

photo 1

Driving over to my mom’s house, throwing Maeby in the backyard and shoveling for a few hours…

photo 2

Taking Maeby for a walk on sidewalks lined with three feet of snow on each side…

photo 3

And baking brownies for someone special.

Easiest recipe (if you can call it a recipe) in the world to come later this week.