It’s Snowing Outside.

As much as I hoped I wouldn’t have to drive into work on Friday, I did, but only for a few hours. I headed into work for 9 a.m., at which point, it had just begun snowing.

drive in

Three hours later, at 12:30 p.m., we closed, and I headed to my mom’s house to pick up Maeby.

drive out

The roads were bad, but I survived.

I let Maeby out to run around…

Then let her back inside, and her and Mickey begged for food.

maeby and mickey


Then drove back to my apartment…

drive home

I did some cooking and fed and walked Maeby before it got bad out. We came back inside and she kept an eye on the storm…


…and then grabbed a toy and grabbed a seat under the table, as I drank a Reese’s Martini (based off of the deliciousness I experienced at the Sugar Factory in Vegas when I was there for the half marathon in December), and watched New Girl.


The rest of the evening was filled with more martinis, Skyping with Adam, oven fried chicken, and more New Girl.

This morning, Maeby woke me up bright and early to go outside. When we got to the back door though…


So then we tried the front door. Maeby didn’t want to go out, so I walked through the 2+ feet of snow to clear a path for her.

When she finally went out, she was less than thrilled.

less than thrilled


It’s still snowing. And still windy.


It’s looking like I will be stuck here for awhile.


Friday Things

So, Wednesday night, I met up with a friend and former teammate from college who happens to be living in the same area as me.  Actually, we share the same zip code and have for months but hadn’t known it until fairly recently.

There was a party at a bar in Hartford, where a ton of local firefighters and police officers were supposed to be.  Um, hello men in uniform, nice to see you.  Except, not.  We got there a little after 9:30 and the bar was pretty empty.  I guess it made sense since it was Wednesday night and all, so we decided to head to some other bars in the area.  The funny thing is, I’ve lived here my whole life and don’t know anything, while my friend has been living in the area for only a little over a year, and yet she knows all the bars and places to go and which nights they have specials.  Did I mention this girl is awesome?

So, instead, we headed to a bar with an awesome special: Spend $6.00 on a tall draft beer, keep the glass, and every refill after is only $1.00.  And, you can bring the glass back for $1.00 drafts every Wednesday after if you want.  It was actually really fun and ended up being really crowded, and naturally, since this is my life, I ran into a ton of people from high school.  Two of which are two years younger than me (hi, I’m officially old), and played on the basketball team when I was the team manager.  After, we met up with my other friend from high school at another bar, where we had a quick drink and then all headed out.  It was a weeknight, after all.

As we walked back to my friend’s car, parked on a sketchy side street near the Hartford bus and train station, my friend noticed a creepy guy and his friends walking towards us and began freaking out, trying to get into her car as soon as possible.  I didn’t really even notice until he called out my name, and then I realized that creepy guy was actually another friend from high school, who is actually not very creepy at all.

As I explained to my friend from college, I know I say that literally anywhere I go, I run into people from high school, but I think Wednesday night proved it to anyone who has any doubts about this reality.

I slacked off yesterday at the gym, biking a mere 7.5 miles and walking one.  But I figured the most important thing is getting out and exercising, especially since Christmas means I will be consuming ridiculous amounts of pecan pie, brownies, and other comfort foods.  Which I’m really excited about.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I got a manicure yesterday, and it is indeed very festive.

I never knew how I felt about having one nail be a different color but honestly, I’m loving this.  The dark red combined with the pop of the glittery silver make this manicure totally worth the price (HA it was only $12.00, but still).

I also got a nice gift from another friend.  He got me a DVD of Diary of the Dead, also known as probably one of my favorite zombie movies ever.

I realize that I’m a total nerd and this movie got sub-par reviews on Amazon, but I don’t care because I love it.

And finally, to maintain all randomness that is this post, last night I baked a lovely loaf of banana bread.

I followed this recipe.  Super, super easy, and the bread looks and smells amazing.  It’s for the friend who got me the DVD; I know how much he loves banana bread, and he also has a batch of molasses cookies on the way too.


I guess that is about it for now…

Happy Friday!  And for those that have Monday off, enjoy the long weekend!

Ten Things I Learned at My High School Reunion

  1. Although we’re older and supposedly wiser, not everyone grows up.  Some people will always be the way they are.
  2. At the same time, some people really do change in a mere five years.  It’s refreshing.
  3. It may have been five years since you last saw people, but everyone still looks 18.
  4. Even though you look the same, everyone will tell you how great you look.
  5. There are few people in your life with whom you can lose contact for years, reconnect, and it’s like you never stopped talking.  Those are your real friends.
  6. The majority of people from your class are in three locations: your hometown, New York City, or Boston.
  7. The people still living in your hometown (and working there or in nearby towns or cities) live at home.  And they’re smarter for it.  (No rent?  Home-cooked meals?  It’s not so bad).
  8. No matter how old you are, guys are usually friendlier and more approachable than girls.
  9. As awkward as you may think a reunion will be, everyone else feels the same way.  And that’s what liquid courage is for.
  10. Trying to network at a high school reunion is impossible, because everyone you’re talking to is too drunk to realize that you are trying to network with them.

Needless to say, it wasn’t nearly as awkward as I thought it would be.  I surprisingly had the most fun night I’ve had in awhile.  And the grilled cheese I got from that shady diner at 2 a.m. with a great group of people wasn’t so bad either.

Thursday Things

1. If you haven’t watched this yet, we can no longer be friends.  I realize you may get teared up and cry but that’s very cathartic sometimes.  And also, it gives perspective.  Again with the perspective.

2.  If you haven’t bought this and thus eaten a whole tub of it by now, you’ve lost my friendship.  Okay, fine, I’ll give you one more chance.

3.  I have meetings today.  And the dentist.  Ten bucks they find another cavity in my mouth, as they’ve already found eleven?  Twelve, maybe?  I’ve lost count.  Then I have a game I have to coach at in Massachusetts.  Anyway, it seems it will be a “busy” day.  I put quotes around “busy” because I’m almost certain it will not be all that busy.

4.  Last night I stayed at work until 7:30 p.m.  THE HORROR.  But, they gave us pizza, so that almost made up for it.

5.  I’m still trying to get out of this town.  As I mentioned before, I always see someone I know, no matter what time of day or where I may be.  The latest?  During my Trader Joe’s run on my lunch break on Tuesday, I saw a girl I went to high school with.  She was in line to check out, so she didn’t see me.  Obviously, I did what any normal person would do and I hid behind shelves of delicious goods until she left.

6.  It’s almost Friday, which means that almost all is right with the world again.

7.  I am supposed to run 18 miles this weekend but I’m freaking out.

8.  Las Vegas is in a mere five-and-a-half weeks.  Ridiculous.

Reason #102 I Need to Move Away From Home

People don’t think I’ll go.  I know I get obsessive and get ideas in my head and they never leave…but that doesn’t mean that I won’t follow through on these ideas.

For months I’ve gone back and forth.  I want to move to London.  I want to move to Boston.  I want to move to DC.  I want to move to Baltimore.  I want to move to San Diego.  I want to move to New York.  Yes, I’m all over the place, but the one constant here is my desire to move away, and start fresh somewhere new.  Somewhere not here.  Somewhere greater than 100 miles away from here.

So when I finally get a job in Manhattan, I will be moving there and I hope the people who told me they didn’t think I would actually follow through on it are full of surprise, delight, and excitement for me.  Because honestly?  I can’t wait to feel all those things as the reality of my changing life hits me on my way out.

Reason #594 I Need to Move Away From This Town

I always see someone I know.  Always.

Last week I was out to a work lunch two towns over and I saw the dad of a girl I played field hockey with in high school.

The week before I saw a girl from high school at the post office.

Today?  Today I saw another girl from high school in the parking lot at the grocery store.  I saw her car pulling up, thought about how she used to drive a car like that in high school, and then saw her pulling in two spaces away from me.

But she didn’t see me.  Whew.