Friday Things Part 4

I hop on a flight to California in 35 days, 8 hours, and 40 minutes. I don’t have a running countdown on my computer or anything.

My brother lives in Pasadena and I will be visiting for a few days. I’m trying to convince him to run the Firecracker 5k/10k with me in Chinatown in L.A. I read there’s a beer garden after and he said he is interested in that…but not in the race. There’s still time to convince him! I have never run a 10k, so that’s the plan. We shall see.

After a few days in Pasadena, I am hopping on a train down to San Diego to see Adam, who I haven’t seen since high school. There’s a lot to say here, but I will keep it brief. I really can’t wait to see him.

2013 is off to a great start. I’m really happy so far.

I had my first “long run” of 2013. 7.5 miles and I felt great. Muscle memory is an amazing thing.

CrossFit is also going well. I PR’d on my deadlift 1 rep max, at 240. Then a couple days ago, we did 1 rep max thrusters and I ran out of time but managed to hit 100, which I was really happy with. To be honest, I haven’t been going nearly as often as I’d like or as I was. I can’t seem to find the motivation to go more than 3 times a week, which is bad, because I’m paying so much money to go and when I’m there, I really do love it. It’s just getting myself out the door, and I think a lot of it has to do with the cold and winter…but I’m going to have to get over that at some point because again, it’s a waste of money if I’m not going more than a couple times a week.

Maeby is great, as always.

It’s Friday. And I woke up with a very specific version of “Friday” stuck in my head. So I revisited this video.

Then I made my roommate watch it with me.


Highlights from a Wednesday

Went to CrossFit and got a 20 lb PR on my deadlift. The coach told me I had more in me but unfortunately we ran out of time. So yes, a 225 pound deadlift, up almost 100 pounds from when I started four months ago.

Later on, I went to Whole Foods to get some almond butter, which I grabbed, but I also was forced to buy this.

Yes, I know. Almond and peanut butter with dried fruit and seeds? I was curious too. So I bought it. And then decided right away that I would consume it after dinner.

For dinner, I got a delicious bagel sandwich from a local bagel place. A turkey BLT on a cheddar bagel. So delicious. Not kosher, which might be ironic, as I was breaking the day’s fast for Yom Kippur, which means I also had the day off because I work for a Jewish-affiliated organization.

Maeby helped me break the fast. Well not really, because I didn’t share. I just let her watch me eat my dinner, as we waited to meet my friend for an evening hike.

Then she got upset when I was done and tried to see what was in the takeout bag.

And this was her first time ever sticking her head in something and having it get stuck. It was lovely and I’m glad I captured it on camera.

Then we went hiking with my friend, and stopped for froyo (not pictured) on the way home.

Overall, a perfect day.

It’s July. And I’m Relieved.

Though March and April had their ups and downs, June was the month that got me.  In chronological order, June was a month of…

…not getting a job that I was told was “guaranteed.”
…a break-up.
…losing my best friend, Oscar.
…losing my half sister, Karen, to a long battle with complications from Lyme Disease.

Along with other, more trivial disappointing events in my life, these are the bigger let-downs, obviously some things more significant than others. It honestly felt like I was being hit with bad news and disappointment every way I turned.  It felt like I had no time to recover from anything, and it seemed as though each thing was worse than the thing preceding it.  Perhaps most significantly, as I was still grieving the loss of my dog, I found out about my half sister, and I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me.  Each and every thing was building up all around me and I felt there was no escape from it all.

When I was in New York this past weekend, I had time to take a step back from the reality of all that has come at me over the past few weeks.  On Sunday, for the first time in over a month, I felt like myself.  I felt happy.  I was able to put everything out of my mind, if only for a few hours.  And then it hit me: June was over.  In a half-hearted attempt to make myself feel better about everything, I reminded myself that it was July 1st, and thus the first half of this–sometimes very disappointing–year was over; it was a new month and fresh start.  I told myself that things could only improve.

July is a mere five days in, and so far, in chronological order, it has been a month of…

…volunteering at a wonderful dog adoption event in NYC (with Adopt NY).  And falling in love with one adorable puppy.  I knew it would happen but I’m not sure if the timing is right.
…a 105-pound split jerk at CrossFit…a new PR!
…a job offer!  Which I accepted!  I am now the Marketing Assistant at a nonprofit in the Hartford area.  I am really, really excited about this job…it’s just the direction I wanted to take.
…visiting my friend Jason, who I met when I studied abroad in London.  My visit included: a trip to the gym (with 7 minutes of burpees, “Annie” in 6:56 [14 seconds faster than a week ago!], and a 200-pound deadlift, which is a 55 pound PR from four weeks ago!); a stop at the Whole Foods salad bar, and an amazingly delicious dinner later on; and Fourth of July fireworks on his friend’s rooftop deck.


I’m so grateful that everything is turning around.  I’m honestly not entirely sure what the point of this post is, but more than anything I think it’s a chance for me to reflect on all that has happened and all the good that is coming my way.

I truly believe that I wouldn’t have these difficulties and challenges thrown in my direction if I couldn’t handle them.  In the end, though I’m still struggling with the aforementioned things that happened in June, I am doing better, I am stronger and better for having gone through all of this, and every single day is going to bring more good my way.

Notes to self.

Things I need to remember…

– I need to go see my grandma more.  She is an incredible woman.

– “People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

– I shouldn’t question how many rounds I did at CrossFit just because I finished before everyone else.  Though, doing an extra round when in doubt isn’t going to hurt me (and I might still be done before other people).

– I should stop making peanut butter banana bread.  I should also stop making blueberry nut bread.  Because I just want to eat it all.  But since it’s for my best friend’s birthday, that problem was solved.  Until I eat some this weekend.

– I’m going to have good days and bad days.  But everyday that I do CrossFit automatically becomes a good day when I complete the WOD.

– I don’t give myself enough credit.  (I’ve had several people tell me this recently.)

– Running really does fix everything.

– Sometimes a weekend away is all you need.

– There are some people in this world that know you better than you know yourself sometimes.  Never let those people go, as they are the ones you can always truly count on.

…So on that note, I’m headed to upstate New York to celebrate the birthday of my absolute best friend in the entire world.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Edited to add this:

“You create beauty with your attitude, your behaviors, and your actions. It’s all up to you.”

This is pretty much my philosophy…I’ve just been unable to put it into words.  Kind of like this whole idea: “You can’t control how other people behave, only how you react.”

Okay for real though.  Have a great weekend.

And Now, Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Posts, In Which I Ramble About CrossFit

So.  I’m pretty much obsessed with CrossFit.  Maybe it’s because I’m spending an obscene amount of money on a membership.  Maybe it’s because I’m sore every. single. day.  Perhaps it’s because the workout is different everyday.  It could have to do with it being challenging.  Or things are interesting.  Or the people there are nice.

Or maybe it’s because I’m crazy competitive so all I want to do is go into class and beat everyone at everything (which I can’t do…yet).

But I’m in love with it.  Seriously.  Like I don’t want to take a day off ever.  Like I went to one box last Saturday and did a workout, and then did my own WOD on Sunday, and then went on Monday to a new box.  And can’t stop going.  As in…out of the 12 days I’ve officially been a part of CrossFit, I’ve only taken two days off.  Because I like it that much.

That never happens to me.  I get bored with everything.  Bikram yoga was fun for the first two classes, then I got bored.  Going to the gym and lifting was great at first (wow, I have muscles!), but I got bored.  Running long distances was fun and all…no, wait.  Running is still fun.  Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes I don’t want to do it (and truthfully, I haven’t been doing it very much lately), but I love it.

And so, I don’t realize what the point of this post was, other than to say that I am going to continue running, and I will most certainly continue CrossFit-ting, and I will be in the best shape ever.  And then come December, when my next marathon is, I will kill it.  I will possible kill “it” before that, should I choose to sign up for the Hartford Marathon that takes place in October.  We’ll see how masochistic I’m feeling.