DIY Painting

On a whim (or actually because Adam’s friend is coming to visit this weekend and we still had nothing on our walls), I decided it would be a great idea to make my own painting, considering I’m so artistic (I’m not).

I did a little googling and decided on this idea (their tutorial is very helpful), so after a trip to the dog park, I stopped at Michaels and got everything I needed for this project. PS – Michaels is having a huge sale on canvases right now…like I got a pack of 7 canvases for $9.99.

I got home, and laid everything out, and began painting.

I bought the canvases, four colors of acrylic paint (red, yellow, blue and white), a palette, and some paint brushes (which ended up being the worst brushes I’ve ever used because they kept “shedding” onto my beautiful artwork…either that, or I’m just incompetent, which is probably more likely).

diy painting

Painting #1 done.

diy painting 1

Put your tape in a pattern (like above).
Also, check out that creepin’ dog in the background.

diy painting 2

Paint where the tape is not covering.

diy painting 3

Peel off paint and put on display.
Also, become a fan of the Red Sox.

diy painting 5

Or a different pattern and different paint.

diy painting 6


I swear it’s super easy and it’s a lot of fun to just play around. All of the materials I bought ended up being around $25, so I didn’t really care how it all turned out and with my low expectations, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how much I like everything.

So that, my friends, is how you can create some artwork all on your own.



I’m known for watching bad TV shows. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Maybe I am.

Every now and then, I start watching a show that is respected by others, and spoiler alert: Are You The One? on MTV is not that show I’m referring to. I’m thinking more along the lines of Breaking Bad, but also a show that I was hesitant to watch because it seemed kind of depressing and also maybe slightly misguided–by that, I mean, I wasn’t sure how it could keep me engaged and I certainly wasn’t sure where they would be able to take the show.

But last night, with nothing to watch, Adam and I opened up Hulu and there it was: Resurrection. So, we started watching and needless to say, they got me.

I’m sure by now, everyone has at least heard of the show. Prior to its series opener, I heard ads for it on AfterBuzz TV podcasts and heard my favorite radio show talking about it. Then once it premiered, I heard a lot about it. People liked it…a lot.

In case you haven’t heard of it, the whole premise of the show is that people who died come back into the lives of their loved ones, the interesting thing being that time has gone on for the loved ones and the person who comes back looks exactly the same as they did when they passed away, even if that happened 32 years prior. And then of course, writers revealed that just like in real life, those who come back don’t always have good motives. And that’s where they get you. After the second episode, I was left wondering whether or not one of the men who came back was actually the one who had passed away, or if he was some guy that happened to look the same. And if he is the right guy, then why is he so creepy and why does he seem so bad? I’m interested to see what they will do with his character.

Then of course the show raises a thought-provoking question: What would you do if someone you loved that died came back into your life? Certainly we’ve all lost someone we loved; death is a very real part of life and living. So what would it be like if that person came back and how would we respond? Would we question it? Accept anything because we’d be so relieved to have that person back in our lives? It’s really kind of crazy to think about.

And so, here we are, two episodes in, and I’m ready for episode three. I’m excited for it. And now I can proudly state that I’m watching a show that is socially acceptable for a 25 year-old to enjoy. Teen Mom 2 also isn’t one of those shows, but Resurrection is.

Is anyone else watching?

You Know What’s Pretty Cool?


Like that time that Adam went to look at an apartment NEXT TO THE PACIFIC OCEAN and he Skyped me in so I could see what the apartment looked like. (That part is in caps because I still haven’t fully processed the major changes that are going to be happening in the coming weeks.)

Or this thing called statistics. Blog statistics. Like when you look at your blog statistics for the first time since June and notice that one of your recipes has over 1,000 views (WHAT IS THIS) and that it’s on Pinterest.

That’s just insane.

And pretty damn cool.

On a completely unrelated note, this morning after I got out of the shower, I had the towel around my head and I was brushing my teeth. And I imagined that (and felt like) I was a troll. Like one of these:

So, I know I said last time that if you follow along you will see me grow into an adult but I may have to retract that statement.

It’s Snowing Outside.

As much as I hoped I wouldn’t have to drive into work on Friday, I did, but only for a few hours. I headed into work for 9 a.m., at which point, it had just begun snowing.

drive in

Three hours later, at 12:30 p.m., we closed, and I headed to my mom’s house to pick up Maeby.

drive out

The roads were bad, but I survived.

I let Maeby out to run around…

Then let her back inside, and her and Mickey begged for food.

maeby and mickey


Then drove back to my apartment…

drive home

I did some cooking and fed and walked Maeby before it got bad out. We came back inside and she kept an eye on the storm…


…and then grabbed a toy and grabbed a seat under the table, as I drank a Reese’s Martini (based off of the deliciousness I experienced at the Sugar Factory in Vegas when I was there for the half marathon in December), and watched New Girl.


The rest of the evening was filled with more martinis, Skyping with Adam, oven fried chicken, and more New Girl.

This morning, Maeby woke me up bright and early to go outside. When we got to the back door though…


So then we tried the front door. Maeby didn’t want to go out, so I walked through the 2+ feet of snow to clear a path for her.

When she finally went out, she was less than thrilled.

less than thrilled


It’s still snowing. And still windy.


It’s looking like I will be stuck here for awhile.

It was a good week.

This week was good.


3-mile run in the morning with Maeby.
Photographing an event at work.
An afternoon at my mom’s with the dogs.




3-mile run with Maeby.
Leftover coconut fried chicken for dinner.

paleo coconut chicken

Maeby time.


Skype. Again.


Crossfit. 20 mins to work up to 5 RM Deadlift – 190#
Row with a partner, 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m. Each completing the distance before the next person can do it. For time.
Dinner with Rob and Zach. Braised short rib. Yes please.

short rib



Nice drive into work. Fog and snow is a beautiful combination.

morning drive

Lunchtime workout. I love my job and I love that we have an amazing fitness center on-site where I can work out whenever I want.

wed workout

More Maeby time.
Skype. Obviously.


Walked out of work to see this.



In the morning…


CXWorx class with my boss and a quick two-mile run during our lunch break.

Came home and snacked on one of my favorites.


Skyped with Adam. And he showed me this line from something he’s writing up. I love it.


“They both smile, life is good, if only for the moment.”


Woke up.
Laid around.
Started watching Downton Abbey.
Skyped with Adam for hours.
Played fetch with Maeby. Then she was wiped out.


And then it was Sunday. Today.

Worked an event this morning and loved the easy and beautiful commute in.


Took Maeby for a ride.


And then we made it official.

Only a few more weeks and I will be out there.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

This morning, after convincing myself I had flu-like symptoms (when in reality I am likely suffering adverse effects of the construction and painting that’s been going on in my office the past few weeks), I told myself to suck it up and go to crossfit.

So I did.

For time:

– 100 medicine ball cleans (20/14)
– 100 pull-ups
– 100 sit-ups
– 100 push-ups


Medicine ball cleans took me about 8 minutes. That was hard…definitely harder than I expected.

Pull-ups took me probably–no joke–12-13 minutes. Had to scale these with bands.

Sit-ups took me probably–no joke–2-3 minutes. I was (not surprisingly) the last one to finish the pull-ups but I knew once I got to the sit-ups, I’d beat almost everyone, including the people who’d gotten a 5-minute jump start on me. And..I did.

With basic math, it is then obvious that the push-ups took me 6-8 minutes.

Crossfit was followed by breakfast at my friend’s house.


WHAT UP (unpictured) FRENCH TOAST CASSEROLE? That was said in my best Barney Stinson voice. Anyway, I couldn’t stop eating it. Oh well.

Followed by a visit with my mom and a trip to the dog park.



And those panoramic pictures (thanks iPhone 5) may not do it justice, but it was packed and Maeby was pleased.


Followed by a Skype session with Adam while I made myself dinner (turkey burgers, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, and bacon balsamic Brussels sprouts), which was great because I was able to trick him into thinking I could cook.

I love weekends.