So, This Happened Friday Afternoon.

My coworker stood right next to me as I wrote it and we laughed about it.  I knew it’d get a reaction though.  Some of the texts his girlfriend sent him though?  Quite the reaction.

And now we can look back and laugh.

Hooray for some harmless (?) fun on a Friday afternoon.



It always amazes me when my work day is over. I survived another eight hour day? Ridiculous.

Tomorrow Is Friday

Well friends, I received an interesting message today.  From a recruiter who found me on LinkedIn…



Who knew that job recruiters actually looked on LinkedIn and reached out to people?  Anyway, it was pretty exciting, knowing that I am desired by everyone (including employers).  Unfortunately, I will probably decline, as if I were going to leave my current job for another one, I wouldn’t stay in this field, I’d try something different.  That, and the fact that the people I work with are wonderful and I doubt I’d find such a high ratio of awesome people at a new job.

In other news, I’m going out for an Indian binge buffet tomorrow afternoon with some of my [wonderful] coworkers.  It would probably be more enjoyable if there was alcohol involved, but we’ll hold off on that until the work day is over.  Will we really?  Yes, we will.

I’m So Clever Sometimes, I’m Jealous of Myself

Exhibit A:

A card I made for a coworker whose last day of work is tomorrow.

Also, we’ll probably still see him, as he’s planning on going to another coworker’s Halloween party (hooray for drinking while in costume) and he still plans on going to lunch with us every week.

I don’t know why, but I think this is so funny.  Maybe I’m not that clever after all.

A List of Demands

I work with a lot of web developers.  Their writing skills aren’t always very strong, as they tend to spend all day writing code.  After spending weeks discussing some necessary changes around the office, one of the developers suggested I write a proposal, since he is not capable of doing so.  So, I present to you the proposal I wrote:

While the development team at [Company Name] is currently quite productive, there are several things that would be conducive to higher and more efficient success.  The following is a list of things that have been requested by various members of the development team in order to increase productivity in a positive way:

  • A zip line
    Having a zip line would allow members of the development team to quickly access their vehicles/preferred methods of transportation at the end of the day
    This would ensure that the developers would be working until the last possible minute of the work day, as spending several minutes getting down to the car would not be considered anymore
    It would also be beneficial during a zombie apocalypse (a disaster that one must always consider)
  • A hammock
    Sitting in a chair for eight hours a day is hardly comfortable, nor does it help keep one feeling creative or refreshed
    Having a hammock would allow developers to work in a comfortable environment, thus helping with productivity and overall attitude towards work
    This tool could also be used for nap time, which would give developers a chance to rest their over-stimulated minds, and come back feeling refreshed and ready to produce the best work possible
  • Movie day
    Having a movie day once a month (or week), would allow developers to escape from the harsh reality of coding and sitting in front of two computer screens everyday
    This day would be spent sitting in front of only one screen, where the movies selected would stimulate developers’ minds in different ways, allowing them to come back to work and approach their assignments and projects in different ways

    It is with great excitement that I present to you these ideas, as well as any others that may come to light in the coming weeks.  The development teams wants to be as productive and helpful as possible, and implementing some of these changes will help make [Company Name] an even more fun and exciting (and therefore, renowned) place of work.

Not too shabby, I’d say.  Wouldn’t this well-written proposal make you consider the aforementioned changes?  I think yes.  I spend a lot of time writing proposals during the day, but this one was, by far, the most enjoyable.

Hope everyone has a great day!