Uberdog – West Hartford, CT

One of my favorite businesses in Connecticut (that I really can’t say enough good things about and that I really do miss) is Uberdog in West Hartford.

We began taking our family dog to Uberdog, 635 New Park Avenue, West Hartford, 860-236-8237, when it first opened a few years ago. Since then, my mom’s boyfriend has brought his dog, and I began bringing Maeby once she was old enough to go there.

The owner, Dan, is a really nice guy, who loves his family, dogs, and is clearly passionate about what he does and the people and dogs who come there. I feel the same about his staff. Maeby has had issues with her stomach in the past and when she’s gotten sick there, they have immediately called me to let me know what’s going on and have taken care of her to make sure she was feeling better. Or any time that anything has been even remotely questionable about her behavior (for example, one time she seemed disoriented and began walking funny), they have called me to let me know. Dan and his staff care about the dogs that come in, and I’ve always felt comfortable and confident leaving Maeby at Uberdog, even for overnight stays. And when I found out I was moving to San Diego and asked if I could transfer remaining days to a family member, Dan and his staff let me do this, no questions asked.

While I can’t comment on the price (though I have researched similar places in San Diego, all of which seem comparable to Uberdog), I can honestly say that it is worth every single penny. Especially in the winter, when Maeby and I couldn’t go running a few times a week, I found that taking Maeby to Uberdog even once a week (and supplementing it with taking her to the dog park on the weekends) kept her happy and kept me happy too.

If you’re looking for an awesome dog daycare in the greater Hartford area, please stop by Uberdog, 635 New Park Avenue, West Hartford, 860-236-8237, with your furry friend. Dan and his staff will make your feel comfortable and will take care of your dog like its their own. I can’t recommend this place enough.


I Can’t Help That I’m So Interesting.

Saw this on a couple of other blogs and thought it would be fun. So here I go.

The ABC’s of Me.

Addictions: My dog. Adam playing guitar. Peanut butter.


Bed size: Had a full all my life (excluding when I lived in a dorm), but bought a queen bed when I moved in November.

Chore you hate: Putting away my clothes after doing the laundry. I fold them out of the dryer but sometimes don’t put them away for weeks.

Dogs or cats: I like them both, but I love dogs. Especially Maeby.

Essential start of your day: Coffee. Imperative.

Favorite color: I’m a big fan of dark purple.

Gold or silver: Silver.

Height: My goal when I was younger was to be 5’6″ but you can’t set goals revolving around your height, because you either are or you’re not. Sadly, I’m 5’4″.

Instruments you play (or have played): I played the flute from 4-8 grade. I was pretty good at it.

Jobs titles you’ve had: Babysitter. Cashier. Waitress. Intramural Referee. Assisted Living server. Assistant to the Senior Writer. Assistant Coach at a college. Assistant Coach at a high school. Business Analyst. Marketing Assistant.

Kids: Depends on the kids…I love my niece and nephew. They’re pretty great. One day I do hope to have my own.

Live: Connecticut. Massachusetts for five years.

Mom’s name: Sue. My brother and I call her Crazy Sue.

Nickname: There’s a million of them. I won’t even begin.

Overnight hospital stays: None.

Pet peeve:  Anything involving people not being able to drive. When people leave the sponge in the sink.

Quote from a movie: One of my favorites is from Wedding Crashers. “We have no way of knowing what lays ahead for us in the future. All we can do it use the information at hand to make the best decision possible. It’s gonna be fine. Your whole life is gonna be fine.”

Christopher Walken is so wise.

Right or left handed: Righty.

Siblings: Aaron.

Time you wake up: Usually between 6:30 and 7:30. I have a hard time sleeping in and Maeby usually wakes me up by then anyway.

Underwear: My favorite pairs came from this wonderful store in London called New Look. There was one like half a mile away from me and I’d go shopping there all the time.

Vegetables you dislike: I can’t think of any. I pretty much love everything.

What makes you run late: Forgetting something. I have to go back.

X-rays you’ve had done: Broke my thumb playing field hockey in high school, got hit below the eye with a field hockey ball in college, and got into a car accident in March 2011. I got x-rays for all of those.

Yummy food you make: Everything I make is good. But I am a big fan of taco salads, which I make with this awesome chicken chili I make. I’m not sure if it counts as cooking. Adam can attest to this. It’s kind of  sad because I eat one everyday and will never tire of them. Oh, and also everything I bake.

Zoo animal: Polar bears. Always. Also, this gazelle that Adam and I saw at the San Diego Zoo.

Sunday Things.

Best way to spend Sunday morning?

Arrested Development and an early morning run…

photo 1

Driving over to my mom’s house, throwing Maeby in the backyard and shoveling for a few hours…

photo 2

Taking Maeby for a walk on sidewalks lined with three feet of snow on each side…

photo 3

And baking brownies for someone special.

Easiest recipe (if you can call it a recipe) in the world to come later this week.

It’s Snowing Outside.

As much as I hoped I wouldn’t have to drive into work on Friday, I did, but only for a few hours. I headed into work for 9 a.m., at which point, it had just begun snowing.

drive in

Three hours later, at 12:30 p.m., we closed, and I headed to my mom’s house to pick up Maeby.

drive out

The roads were bad, but I survived.

I let Maeby out to run around…

Then let her back inside, and her and Mickey begged for food.

maeby and mickey


Then drove back to my apartment…

drive home

I did some cooking and fed and walked Maeby before it got bad out. We came back inside and she kept an eye on the storm…


…and then grabbed a toy and grabbed a seat under the table, as I drank a Reese’s Martini (based off of the deliciousness I experienced at the Sugar Factory in Vegas when I was there for the half marathon in December), and watched New Girl.


The rest of the evening was filled with more martinis, Skyping with Adam, oven fried chicken, and more New Girl.

This morning, Maeby woke me up bright and early to go outside. When we got to the back door though…


So then we tried the front door. Maeby didn’t want to go out, so I walked through the 2+ feet of snow to clear a path for her.

When she finally went out, she was less than thrilled.

less than thrilled


It’s still snowing. And still windy.


It’s looking like I will be stuck here for awhile.


Wednesday was good. Except that I got my first ticket while driving. Let’s not talk about that though and instead focus on the rest of the evening.

Didn’t feel like doing much once I got home (especially since I went to a group exercise class at work before starting the day) but since it was in the 30s outside, I felt compelled to go for a run.


Needless to say, it was a good run. 6 miles, not too shabby.


Saw this on my way back in the house…


Then I picked Maeby up from daycare. She’s been super whiny lately, especially in the middle of the night. That’s my fault though, since us running sporadically together is not the same as playing with other dogs for 8 straight hours. And literally 30 seconds into our car ride home, that was evident.

car ride

And even more evident once we got home.


Then I got a ticket while driving to trivia…but anyway.

Trivia. The first round was about James Bond. I didn’t know any of them, good thing we had manly men with us who know those things. Sangria. Then some vanilla ice cream, which was delicious by the way.



And just like that it’s Thursday.

This ridiculous storm is coming tomorrow, or something. Says the Weather Channel. I opened up weather.com and saw this lovely little map:


But then I can’t be completely upset about it. Because the storm name? Winter Storm Nemo? It just makes me think of this guy.


And then I ain’t even mad.