A Whirlwind.

The past week has been quite a whirlwind. That’s really the only way I can describe it. And the next week is going to be even crazier.

Last Monday, my boss announced the news to everyone. The amount of support that I received from colleagues and superiors made me feel really good about things and even more positive about everything. I also had three fillings done on Monday. Which brings my total I think to 16 cavities. I should really learn how to brush my teeth one of these days.

Thursday was my 25th birthday. I went to dinner with my family (sushi, duh) and shared a scorpion bowl with my mom. My 97 year-old grandma had a few sips as well.

She’s a funny one.

Friday night I went to dinner with my boss and another coworker. More sushi. Stop judging. My boss was thrilled because it was a sushi buffet, and that girl can eat.

Saturday the other side of my family came over for a potluck dinner. Fitting 20 people into my apartment wasn’t easy, but it worked. And that was with five kids running around. I was lucky the downstairs neighbors weren’t home. When I finally let Maeby out of my room to join the party, she literally went to every single person and greeted them by licking their face. I love that dog.

Last night, I drove up to Worcester to meet up with four of my best friends from college. We went to a lovely little Vietnamese place right near campus, and it was really nice. We laughed a lot, caught up, and I’m really hoping they’ll all come visit.

And now the plans for this week:

Today! I coach a high school sport in the fall and tonight we are having our annual banquet. I will be breaking the news to my players and I know they’ll be devastated (as will I), but I’m hoping the wonderful news of the head coach will overshadow mine. Then, after the banquet…Adam is coming home! He flies in tonight, and I’ll be picking him up around 9:30 p.m. I can’t wait to see that boy.

Tuesday. My second to last day of work, followed by drinks with Adam and my coworkers. Adam and I are also hoping we will hear back about this apartment we realllllly want. Maeby wants it too because it has a big fenced in backyard for her to run around in.

Wednesday. My last day of work (wtf) and dinner with my step-sister.

Thursday. Running my annual five-miler in the morning (for the seventh year, I think) and then eating until I fall asleep.

Friday. Lunch with my dad (and Adam and my dad meeting for the first time, yikes), and dinner at Adam’s mom’s house.

Saturday. Pack, pack, packing.

Sunday. Pack, pack, packing.

Monday. The movers are coming and loading up a giant container with my stuff, and I’ll say goodbye to it for two weeks.

Tuesday. Moping around.

Wednesday. Saying “see you later” to Connecticut and getting in my car with Adam and Maeby. Then we’ll begin our 5-6 day trip out to San Diego.

It’s all really crazy. I’m still failing to grasp the enormity of everything. I realize this is a huge thing, but I don’t think I’ll realize how crazy and how big of a deal it is until I’m in my car with Adam and Maeby and we’re just beginning our 3,000 mile journey across country.


Williams Service Center – Bloomfield, CT

Williams Service Center, courtesy of google street view

Williams Service Center, 65 Tunxis Avenue in Bloomfield, CT 860-242-8184 (courtesy of Google street view)

As my last couple of weeks in Connecticut come to a close, the little things and places I’ve never thought twice about have become that much more meaningful to me. I’ve kind of been crying over everything.

Yesterday, I took my car in for an oil change, and to get it checked up on before I drive it 3,000 miles across country.

I went to my mechanic of years and years, Mike, at Williams Service Center, at 65 Tunxis Avenue in Bloomfield, CT, 860-242-8184.

I honestly don’t know much about the history of this place. I think, and I may be completely wrong about this, that Mike and his wife Dale bought the place and have been fixing cars and buying/fixing/selling used cars ever since.

Everyone in my family goes here. When my brother needed a car, he went here. When I totaled my car and got it towed to Williams Service Center, Dale greeted me as I got out of the tow truck and gave me a big hug (I really, really needed one). Then when they found out they were going to have an older Toyota Camry for sale in the coming weeks (they bought it from a woman, replaced a door and a bunch of other stuff), they let my mom know and that’s where I got my most recent car from.

Yesterday, after I paid Mike for the work done to my car, I went over and gave him a hug, getting kind of emotional as I thanked him for everything over the years. I can always count on him and his staff to make sure that my car gets everything it needs, and I’ve been so appreciative of the work he’s done for me over the past 8 years, and the work he’s done for my family for longer.

If you are in the greater Hartford area and looking for a good, great, or amazing mechanic, please contact Dale and Mike at Williams Service Center, 65 Tunxis Avenue in Bloomfield, CT 860-242-8184, and get your car fixed there. OR, if you’re looking to buy a used car at a reasonable price, stop by and see what they have, or inquire about what they plan on selling in the coming weeks.

They’re good, honest people and they know what they’re doing, and I’m going to have a hard time trusting anyone else with my car when I move.

A Quarter Century.

Time for the obligatory birthday post.

Twenty five years old today. A quarter century old today.

It’s pretty crazy.

When I was a little girl growing up, people that were in their 20s seemed so old, so mature. To be honest, I think when I was younger (even through my teenage years), I assumed that by the time I was 25, I’d be all grown up, doing big things, maybe even married.

The truth is, I sometimes still feel like a kid. The fact that I look like I’m still 16 probably doesn’t help. No, seriously–I coach at a high school and one of the athletic trainers thought I was a player. Whoops. But yeah. I still feel like a kid half the time. And I guess that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with not being “all grown up,” needing the emotional support of my parents every now and then, and living a little more freely and without the plans I thought I’d have at this age.

In the coming weeks, there is going to be a lot of change in my life. I’m a little scared, a lot excited, and a lot nervous. It’s crazy how much has changed in a year, or in several years, and though my 10 year-old self wouldn’t be expecting my life to be how it is, I know she’d be proud. I’ve accomplished more than I’ve ever expected, my life has taken several turns I didn’t expect, and even though sometimes it’s difficult, overall, I’m enjoying the ride.

You Know What’s Pretty Cool?


Like that time that Adam went to look at an apartment NEXT TO THE PACIFIC OCEAN and he Skyped me in so I could see what the apartment looked like. (That part is in caps because I still haven’t fully processed the major changes that are going to be happening in the coming weeks.)

Or this thing called statistics. Blog statistics. Like when you look at your blog statistics for the first time since June and notice that one of your recipes has over 1,000 views (WHAT IS THIS) and that it’s on Pinterest.

That’s just insane.

And pretty damn cool.

On a completely unrelated note, this morning after I got out of the shower, I had the towel around my head and I was brushing my teeth. And I imagined that (and felt like) I was a troll. Like one of these:

So, I know I said last time that if you follow along you will see me grow into an adult but I may have to retract that statement.

It’s been awhile…5 months to be exact.

And boy do I have news.

I’ve spoken to my boss, some of my colleagues, and HR. I’ve told some of my friends and my family. And now I guess it’s time to share it with the internet:

In 5 days, I will be turning 25.
In 11 days, I will be at my current job for the last time.
In 12 days, it’s Thanksgiving. Which means I’ll be running my annual five-miler, and eating too much.
In 16 days, I will be packing up my apartment, and using the lovely people at Door-to-Door to do so.
In 18 days, I will get into my car with Adam, and we will hit the road for a 3,000 mile journey across country.
And finally…in 31 days, I will be starting my new job in sunny Solana Beach, California.

Solana Beach, CA

That’s right. I am moving to San Diego.

To be honest, the whole process has been very fast. I haven’t really had time to fully understand the reality of everything.

Just a couple of weeks ago, on Tuesday, November 5, I interviewed over the phone for this position. The following week, this past Monday, I did a Skype interview and “met” various people. By Tuesday they were asking for references. I talked to my boss and explained the situation. I must say that I’ve been very fortunate to be working for someone who is so incredibly understanding and who wants the best for her staff; she explained that she’d miss me but she was so proud of and excited for me if I got this opportunity. Later that day, I submitted three professional references, and for some reason, those people must’ve said good things about me (I guess they like me or something), and by Thursday I had an offer. I accepted the position yesterday.

They wanted me to start December 9, but I asked for it to be pushed back, so it was pushed back a week.

Since then, I’ve been trying to figure out what the next steps are.

First things first. I told my family. A bunch of them are coming over next weekend for a teary 25th birthday/going away potluck (because hello, potlucks are the greatest thing ever) at my apartment. I also told my 97 year-old grandmother today about it, and broke down crying in the process. In true grandmother fashion, she thought me crying meant I had horrible news but this is absolutely “wonderful” and she’s very happy for me. I am going to miss everyone, including that old lady, but also my best friend for 25 years: my mom.

Next on the list was telling my best friends from college, all of whom are currently in Boston (except for little old Lauren who is living the dream in San Francisco – so I texted her explaining that I am going to be her neighbor in SoCal). They’re all crazy excited for me. Next weekend (whichever day I don’t end up with family), we are most likely going to meet where it all began: in good ole Worcester, Massachusetts.

I’ve scheduled an appointment with my dentist for Monday. Three fillings to be done, because apparently, I don’t know how to brush my teeth. Also, that means I’m up to 16 cavities in my life. Because, you know, that’s completely normal.

I’ve scheduled an appointment with my mechanic to get an oil change and to check my car to make sure it’s ready to explore the country. It should be fine but better safe than sorry.

I did some research on moving companies, mostly those with storage containers that you put stuff in and they drive across country and drop it off for you. I’ll do a more thorough rundown on this another time, but let’s be real. PODS was very expensive (around $2800), and the woman on the phone was rude. U-Haul was very expensive ($1900 to begin with, plus extra money to drop off the U-Pod, and extra to hire people to load and unload, and then presumably extra for insurance; that was probably going to be around $2500).

Then I visited my good friend Reddit and did a search to see if anyone had advice for long distance moving companies. Someone mentioned Door-to-Door and a few clicks and a phone call later, I had booked my move. This lovely woman Christina is my contact there and she has been very helpful in answering my questions. No joke, I called her four times today. She also wasn’t rude like the people at PODS and asked me questions to make it appear that she was interested in why I was moving and like she really cared (well-played, Christina). The move, which includes the drop off and loading of a storage container, moving the container to the Connecticut-based facility, the trek across country, and dropping it off at a destination (or storage facility), PLUS up to $7,000 insurance of damaged goods, came to just under $2000. I am happy with that.

Next up: I need to change my bank, call the electric and internet companies, and start packing. And since I always did short-ish moves (Massachusetts to Connecticut, or across town), I never learned how to actually pack stuff into boxes so follow along on this blog to see my journey into becoming an adult. I should probably get a haircut too.