Another Week Gone By, Another Week Closer to California.


Left Maeby at my mom’s house so I could run some errands before and after work.


Off to the post office I went, to send out the brownies I made on Sunday, along with some other handmade things. Sometimes I get creative. This was one of those times.

After work, I stopped by my mom’s house and picked Maeby up. She was wiped out the rest of the night.



Tuesday started off with an early-morning run before work, while watching the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother…


Then I caught the beginnings of a beautiful sunset on my way out of work…


Came home to find a package sitting in front of my bedroom door. The roommate had picked it up and put it there. I knew it was an early Valentine’s Day gift from Adam, and I was so unbelievably happy about what it was, because I have wanted this print for awhile now…


Then Maeby cuddled up to me…


And cuddled up to me even more because she is definitely the most cuddly dog ever…


And then my roommate took this ridiculous picture of us. My dog looks jacked, by the way. I swear she’s not that muscular at all. She’s also not a big dog…

photo 1



Caught another beautiful sunset.


Went to Crossfit.


14 minutes AMRAP:

5 push press 135/95 (scaled)
10 goblet squats 53/35 (scaled)
15 kettlebell swings 53/35 (scaled)

=7 rounds plus 6 kettlebell swings

Then Skyped with Adam, because he got his gift in the mail.


Valentine’s Day.

Morning time with Maeby.

photo 2

Adam sent me flowers. I feel terrible because they didn’t get to me and when he contacted the company, even though he ordered them to arrive at my work before 5:00 pm, they told him they wouldn’t be able to get to me on time and they’d bring them on Friday. I’m not upset, I just feel terrible, because I know he put was really excited about it. To be honest, I’m just thrilled by the fact that he thought to do it.

Oh well.

Came home and ate some leftover Indian food. Chicken saag? Yes please.

Then Skyped with Adam for awhile.


Early morning walk with Maeby, caught the sun rising…


Got some good news regarding Adam’s birthday present. I won’t post about it since he sometimes reads here, but…great news. Great, great news.

Flowers from Adam! They made it. I got into work, and just as I was putting my lunch away, I noticed the delivery guy dropping off the flowers I was supposed to get yesterday, but didn’t. They were absolutely perfect and I couldn’t wait to get them home and put on my windowsill.



Maeby got one of her Christmas presents…finally.

maeby christmas present

Made chevre and fig preserve-stuffed chicken breasts.

I took Maeby for a walk and experienced something pretty scary. The good news is that I’m okay and Maeby is okay. And all is well.


Morning errands. A couple inches of snow fell overnight and everything looked beautiful.


Visit with my grandma. She’s 96 years old, by the way.

photo 2-1

Treadmill workout while watching “Tiny Furniture“…ran a total of 4 miles, walked a couple, and did abs.

photo 3

photo 4

And now just hanging out with the roommate and enjoying the weekend.

California in less than a week!


Reese’s Brownies

I made these for someone special for Valentine’s Day. Speaking of which…hope yours is off to a great start. I know mine has been perfect so far.

I don’t think I can call this a recipe.

Maybe I can? Nah, I don’t think so.

It’s the easiest thing in the world, and it never fails to impress people and their taste buds.

Lucky for me, I didn’t have any vegetable oil on hand so I used canned pumpkin in its place, meaning these brownies are not only delicious, but they are incredibly healthy and so that justifies me taste-testing four brownies. I still recommend using the oil because if you’re gonna make Reese’s brownies, go big or go home.

Reese’s Brownies

– Box of brownie mix and the things it requires to make them (eggs, oil, water)
– A bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups

1. Follow preparation instructions on back of brownie mix box (preheat oven, mix together ingredients).

2. Chop up Reese’s peanut butter cups (or if you’re lazy like me, break them apart with your hands).

3. While chopping the Reese’s peanut butter cups, eat a few.

4. Add chopped Reese’s to brownie mix.

photo 4

5. Stir in chopped Reese’s. Batter will be very thick.

photo 5

7. Pour into brownie pan. Bake for suggested amount of time, but be prepared to leave the brownies in longer because they’re very dense.

8. Realize there is no step 6.

9. Check with toothpick to make sure the brownies are done.

10. When they are finished, remove them from the oven and allow to cool before cutting.

11. Eat some of them. Preferably with chocolate, peanut butter, or moose tracks (!!!) ice cream.

12. Maybe share.

Sunday Things.

Best way to spend Sunday morning?

Arrested Development and an early morning run…

photo 1

Driving over to my mom’s house, throwing Maeby in the backyard and shoveling for a few hours…

photo 2

Taking Maeby for a walk on sidewalks lined with three feet of snow on each side…

photo 3

And baking brownies for someone special.

Easiest recipe (if you can call it a recipe) in the world to come later this week.

It’s Snowing Outside.

As much as I hoped I wouldn’t have to drive into work on Friday, I did, but only for a few hours. I headed into work for 9 a.m., at which point, it had just begun snowing.

drive in

Three hours later, at 12:30 p.m., we closed, and I headed to my mom’s house to pick up Maeby.

drive out

The roads were bad, but I survived.

I let Maeby out to run around…

Then let her back inside, and her and Mickey begged for food.

maeby and mickey


Then drove back to my apartment…

drive home

I did some cooking and fed and walked Maeby before it got bad out. We came back inside and she kept an eye on the storm…


…and then grabbed a toy and grabbed a seat under the table, as I drank a Reese’s Martini (based off of the deliciousness I experienced at the Sugar Factory in Vegas when I was there for the half marathon in December), and watched New Girl.


The rest of the evening was filled with more martinis, Skyping with Adam, oven fried chicken, and more New Girl.

This morning, Maeby woke me up bright and early to go outside. When we got to the back door though…


So then we tried the front door. Maeby didn’t want to go out, so I walked through the 2+ feet of snow to clear a path for her.

When she finally went out, she was less than thrilled.

less than thrilled


It’s still snowing. And still windy.


It’s looking like I will be stuck here for awhile.


Wednesday was good. Except that I got my first ticket while driving. Let’s not talk about that though and instead focus on the rest of the evening.

Didn’t feel like doing much once I got home (especially since I went to a group exercise class at work before starting the day) but since it was in the 30s outside, I felt compelled to go for a run.


Needless to say, it was a good run. 6 miles, not too shabby.


Saw this on my way back in the house…


Then I picked Maeby up from daycare. She’s been super whiny lately, especially in the middle of the night. That’s my fault though, since us running sporadically together is not the same as playing with other dogs for 8 straight hours. And literally 30 seconds into our car ride home, that was evident.

car ride

And even more evident once we got home.


Then I got a ticket while driving to trivia…but anyway.

Trivia. The first round was about James Bond. I didn’t know any of them, good thing we had manly men with us who know those things. Sangria. Then some vanilla ice cream, which was delicious by the way.



And just like that it’s Thursday.

This ridiculous storm is coming tomorrow, or something. Says the Weather Channel. I opened up and saw this lovely little map:


But then I can’t be completely upset about it. Because the storm name? Winter Storm Nemo? It just makes me think of this guy.


And then I ain’t even mad.

It was a good week.

This week was good.


3-mile run in the morning with Maeby.
Photographing an event at work.
An afternoon at my mom’s with the dogs.




3-mile run with Maeby.
Leftover coconut fried chicken for dinner.

paleo coconut chicken

Maeby time.


Skype. Again.


Crossfit. 20 mins to work up to 5 RM Deadlift – 190#
Row with a partner, 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m. Each completing the distance before the next person can do it. For time.
Dinner with Rob and Zach. Braised short rib. Yes please.

short rib



Nice drive into work. Fog and snow is a beautiful combination.

morning drive

Lunchtime workout. I love my job and I love that we have an amazing fitness center on-site where I can work out whenever I want.

wed workout

More Maeby time.
Skype. Obviously.


Walked out of work to see this.



In the morning…


CXWorx class with my boss and a quick two-mile run during our lunch break.

Came home and snacked on one of my favorites.


Skyped with Adam. And he showed me this line from something he’s writing up. I love it.


“They both smile, life is good, if only for the moment.”


Woke up.
Laid around.
Started watching Downton Abbey.
Skyped with Adam for hours.
Played fetch with Maeby. Then she was wiped out.


And then it was Sunday. Today.

Worked an event this morning and loved the easy and beautiful commute in.


Took Maeby for a ride.


And then we made it official.

Only a few more weeks and I will be out there.