Monday Madness

  1. I survived Hurricane Irene and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.We got lucky…we lost power for literally three minutes on Sunday afternoon, and then it came right back on.  Most of our town still has power, though the highest amount of outages in our town involved 25% of houses.  We also did not have any damage to our home or any homes around us.  Very lucky indeed.
  2. My office didn’t have power today so I got to work from home.  I did have to drive a couple of towns over for a meeting with one of our clients, but the rest of the day was spent doing work in my pajamas.I’m just like the woman above.  Minus the baby and with a bed.  And food.  Actually this is probably more accurate:And I just logged into my work laptop and the latest email said that as of this evening they didn’t have power so everyone should expect to work from home again tomorrow.  That would be really nice.
  3. Pete was not so lucky.  Even though his power stayed on the whole time, a tree branch fell on his truck, smashing his windshield.No worries.  That’s not Pete’s actual truck.  This is some random photo I found on the internets.  I guess if there was a time for car damage, it would be now, since he can’t drive because he recently had surgery on his hip.
  4. Speaking of Pete, he lives 11 miles away from me.  Eleven.  That’s it.  I drove to his house today after work, and it took me an hour and a half.  I kid you not.   That means I was driving an average of 7-8 miles per hour.
  5. The traffic was due to Hurricane Irene flooding a major road.  As a result, people were taking different routes home after work.  You know what was not a result of Hurricane Irene?  The fact that I was driving through the ghetto of Hartford and I saw a man walking with a lamb.  Yes, a lamb.  It kind of looked like the one below, except it was real.
  6. Did anyone ever watch Lamb Chop?  I did.
  7. This is my 95 year-old grandma drinking a margarita on Friday night.  We’re not sure if she knew what was in it, but she liked it.How did everyone else hold up during the weekend?  Any recent ridiculous stories you want to share?

One thought on “Monday Madness

  1. Ha ha! I loved this post. We got lucky here too, just got our power back today so it wasn’t too long without. Your grandma is adorable and looks great for 95!

    No ridiculous stories here, but I think yours make up for it!

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