Providence Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon Recap

My first half marathon automatically warrants a race recap.  So, let’s start from the beginning.

I got into Providence early on Saturday afternoon, exciting for my first official race expo.  I parked at Providence Place (a huge mall in the city) and after asking a Macy’s sales associate for directions to the Rhode Island Convention Center, I was quickly on my way.

(I apologize in advance for the blurriness of my photos…they were all taken on my cell phone)

After a quick check-in (there were no lines, just a few people trickling in at this point), I headed over towards the main area.  On my way, I picked up my technical shirt.  They had plenty of sizes available and I was able to get one smaller than I had ordered, which was helpful, as it fit better.  I picked up my goodie bag and then passed through the store where they were selling more items, though I did not purchase any.

The expo itself was pretty big and had a ton of vendors.

This photo doesn’t really do it justice, but I was able to get a ton of samples, including some Gu Chomps, Lara Bars, Cascadian Farms granola bars, and Snickers Marathon energy bars.  They also had samples of MGD64 and Muscle Milk, though I passed on both.  I did have to buy one thing though, and that was the obligatory 13.1 car magnet.

After the expo, my mom and I drove over to the hotel I was staying in, which was about five minutes away from the convention center.  When I went to book a hotel through the Providence Rock ‘n Roll site, all of the sponsored hotels in my price range were booked up.  With some help from Google Maps, I found another one that was less than half a mile from the start/finish line.

With more research on the hotel’s website, I was able to book a standard $260 room at the Hotel Providence for a mere $120.

I am always proud of my research capabilities when it comes to traveling.  It was a nice room and a comfortable hotel, and the distance from the race was ideal for me.  A little bit away from the action, but not too far.

Pete had to work on Saturday, so my mom went to the expo with me and left me in the hotel for the evening, while I waited for Pete to arrive to spend the night and race day with me.  He got in a little after 7:00 and we had a good night taking it easy and watching a few different shows on his Netflix.

I woke up early on Sunday morning for my first half marathon ever…

…to be continued…


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