Don’t Panic…Yet

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Pete’s house to hang out for a little.  I spoke to his dad (a doctor) and his mom (a former physical therapist) about my leg.  They said that I should wait and see what happens, but that maybe the race isn’t such a good idea.

And then I went even further into panic mode:

This morning, I woke up feeling even worse than yesterday.

I couldn’t do this:

Or this:

And I still can’t.  No hopscotch or dancing?  Lame.  But seriously, I can’t squat at all with my right leg, which includes going up or down stairs, or squatting for the sake of squatting.

I emailed Cely for some advice, and as usual, she responded promptly and had some really great insight.

She suggested I go see a doctor that specializes in sports medicine, so I could get some expert advice, and also because she suspected the doctor would provide some good stretches/exercises for my injury.

I was somehow able to schedule a last-minute appointment with a doctor in the area for 1:00.  I spent most of the morning for work participating in conference calls while I laid in bed icing my ankle and quad.  Then I went into work for two hours.  Then I left to go to my appointment.

The doctor decided that I have a minor ankle sprain and a strained hip flexor.  I would have assumed that the hip flexor would have to do solely with the hip area, but apparently this injury can stretch as far down as the knee, and symptoms can include pain in the front of the thigh.

He gave me some papers with stretching exercises, a free ice pack (hooray!  free stuff!  except for the $25 co-pay), and sent me on my way with some good news:

On Sunday, if I feel like I can walk okay, then I can run in the race.  This may mean that I have to stop if it gets too painful, but I’m allowed to at least start the race if I feel like I can.  He recommended I wrap my ankle, and that I combine some walking and running for the race.

That being said, I know how I am, and unfortunately I am so damn stubborn that I will most likely try to run the whole race.  Which would be fine if I didn’t have such awful luck hadn’t injured myself, but since I did, my being stubborn could prove problematic on Sunday.

I want to complete this race for a number of reasons.  Sure, there are the minor non-refundable race fees and hotel charges.  But beyond that, this is something I have wanted to do for almost a year.  I thought April was my time to do it, until I got in a bad car accident.  Then when I signed up for this race, I knew this was my time.  Injury or not, this race was going to be a challenge and was going to prove to myself all that I am capable of.  I wish the circumstances were different, I really do.

All that I can do now is try my best, and hope that everything works out for the best.  Come Sunday afternoon, I hope to officially be a half marathoner.  I also hope that I can still walk.


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