Cape Cod Love

I got back from Cape Cod early yesterday afternoon.  As usual, my time there was perfect.

Highlights of my weekend include:
– Seeing some of Pete’s siblings that I hadn’t seen in awhile
– Running 9.7 miles along the bike path, setting a new distance record for myself
– Having Gu for the first time and not getting sick
– Not tripping or falling during my run
– Not getting lost during my run
– Enjoying Saturday afternoon at the beach under warm, sunny skies
– Getting to read and enjoy more of “The Help”
– Watching the sun set from Pete’s back deck


Sorry for the less-than-stellar photo quality…all photos were taken on my phone!

In other news, I’ve booked a hotel for the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in Providence on August 7th.  I still have some time to sign up…but as long as Pete can come along, I’m gonna do it!

Here’s to the beginning of another great week!


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