Awesome Saturday Night

Last night I headed over to Pete’s for date night.

Little did I know he had a nice surprise for me.

He set the table (the boy is skilled, I’m telling you)…


Grilled up some steaks that he had marinating in teriyaki sauce all afternoon…


And (per my request) some yummy Italian bread which was later sprinkled with cheese…


And–I know this is incredibly surprising–we ate it.


It was phenomenal.  Pete also got me a card and a couple of little gifts since I start work on Monday.  It was so unbelievably thoughtful and it amazes me that despite how absolutely insane I am, he still wants to be with me after almost three years.

And, since we’re both in our twenties senior citizens, we ate all of this deliciousness at five o’clock.

No big plans for today…but since it’s not supposed to rain (which is a miracle, since it’s rained everyday for at least the past week), I think I will go for a long run.  I’m definitely due for one, and with the busy week ahead, I want to make sure I get a good one in.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


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