Early Morning Run

There’s something about running early in the morning, before most people are awake.

Yesterday, I got up at the regular workout time of 5:15 a.m., and by 5:30, I was out the door.

I started out taking the same route as I did on Sunday, but a few minutes in, instead of continuing straight on a back road, I took a turn towards a main street.

Usually I don’t run on main streets because I hate having so many people see me look like the hot, sweaty mess that I am.  This is especially true since moving home, because as I’ve mentioned before, I always see someone I know.  Always.  Especially at the most inopportune times.

Anyway, back to yesterday’s run.  I took a turn towards a main road, and seeing how quiet it was (again, no one in their right mind would be out and about at 5:30 a.m., unless it involved coming back from a crazy night out), I decided to stay on this main street.  I continued running along these main roads all the way out to the town center, and then I turned around.

I ended up running 6.8 miles!  Crazy, wild stuff, I know.  I was definitely slower than I was on Sunday, but I am a-okay with that, because this is the furthest I’ve run since the end of February.

The best part about the run was that the whole hour or so I spent running was completely immersed in silence.  It was damp and foggy from the rain the night before.  Few cars were out.  Few people were out walking.  And it was almost completely silent.  It really allowed me to focus on my thoughts and how good I felt, and how good I knew I would feel after completing the run.

As hard as it can be to get up early to work out, I’ve found that I am more motivated to work out at this time than when I had nothing to do and could put working out off to the point that I wouldn’t do it.  It’s also nice to know that I’ve gotten in a great workout before work, and it helps keep me in a good mood all day.

The best part though, is that it helps me work off the candy that I will undoubtedly consume later in the day.  The desk full of candy at work talks to me whenever I get an ache in my sweet tooth or become the slightest bit bored!

Anyway, Happy Thursday everyone!  One more alarm clock til the weekend!  And, it’s a holiday weekend to boot!


Half Marathon? Should I?

On Sunday, after not having done a run longer than three miles in more than a month, I ran 5.5 miles and somehow survived.

The last time I think I have run that far was when I was still in Worcester, and I was running around six miles for a long run.  In fact, I just looked on Twitter and as I suspected, the last time I had a long run was on May 25.

For months now, I’ve been eying (side note: I thought this was spelled eyeing, but apparently it’s not) a half-marathon that is supposed to take place in October.  Back in February, I was so close to signing up for a half marathon and was doing so well in my training.  I was up to seven miles at an 8:40 (fast for me) pace.

Unfortunately, days after completing this long run, I got into a pretty bad car accident.  While I was okay aside from a few scrapes and bruises (and a totaled car), I wasn’t allowed to work out for a little over a week and when I got back into it, I was supposed to take it easy.  This, combined with the fact that I became significantly depressed about everything that had happened, left me completely unmotivated.  It also left me feeling like I could never get back to where I was.

In the end, the half marathon I had initially though about was cancelled due to a lack of participation, but I knew I would still want to complete one eventually.

I’ve been looking at the Amica Half in Newport, Rhode Island.

It’s supposed to be a very scenic route, and with it taking place in October, I will have more than enough time to train.

So.  Should I do it?  I haven’t signed up yet and I think my plan is to see how training goes and as it gets closer, if I feel confident, I will sign up.  I know this is backwards from what most people do but for me, I feel like it may work, as I will not get discouraged and I won’t have the pressure of failing to think about.  Instead, it will be something to work toward and if training goes well, I will be able to confidently sign up.

Anyway, I was just throwing it out there, perhaps for some accountability.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday…two more days til a holiday weekend!

I Survived the First Day

Well, my first day of work was yesterday, and as you can guess from the title of this post (and the fact that I’m posting at all), I survived.

I got into work in the morning and met with a few different people.  They put me in a room with the developers (aka, nerds, like me), which was nice since the group consists of all people close to my age.

And, not only are they close to my age, but we have similar interests, such as:

1) A love of coffee.  Apparently, not only does America run on Dunkin, but so do the developers.  They make a trip each afternoon and invited me along but I passed, so I don’t become addicted to caffeine.

Well…not yet, anyway.

2)  An appreciation of zombie movies/shows.

It wasn’t long before we began discussing zombie movies and the show I mentioned in the past, The Walking Dead.  We then spent a good amount of time (almost an hour, during lunch) taking a quiz online to see how prepared we would be in case of a zombie apocalypse.  Since we are complete and total nerds geniuses, we passed with flying colors.

3)  Enjoyment of candy.  Immediately after walking into the room where my desk is located, I noticed the desk right next to the door had various kinds of candy on it.  I may or may not have eaten some throughout the day.  I’ll let you decide.

My laptop wasn’t ready today, so I struggled to get through some reading that was supposed to get me up to speed on some of the projects.  I also met to talk about a project I will be starting today.  My laptop is supposed to be ready, so that will be helpful in not only passing the time, but also productivity!

Anyway, I’m off to work now…hope everyone is having a good week so far!

[Ir]Rational Spending

So, this morning I didn’t go for a run.  I had too many important things to do, like eat donuts that Pete brought over, and go out to the mall with him.

Since I have a job now, I like to rationalize spending money on things I don’t need.

We stopped at Michael’s while waiting for Borders to open, so I bought a picture frame for my desk at work.

When we went into Borders, I felt like I wanted to buy something but couldn’t remember the title of the book so I stood around and sulked until Pete was done.

I bought some almonds at Trader Joe’s, and another bottle of the cilantro salad dressing I almost completely finished in less than a week.

The almonds are for my “snack drawer” at work.

The best part about this is that I haven’t even started the job yet, and the thing I am most excited about is having a snack drawer.

Sometimes I disgust myself.  This isn’t really one of those times.

I’m still thinking about going for a run since I have yet to do anything productive today, but we’ll see if I get any motivation within the next few hours.  I also have to do a ton of laundry, since I know if I don’t, it won’t get done for another week, as I will find reasons not to do it.

There’s still time left in the weekend, so get out and enjoy the day!

Awesome Saturday Night

Last night I headed over to Pete’s for date night.

Little did I know he had a nice surprise for me.

He set the table (the boy is skilled, I’m telling you)…


Grilled up some steaks that he had marinating in teriyaki sauce all afternoon…


And (per my request) some yummy Italian bread which was later sprinkled with cheese…


And–I know this is incredibly surprising–we ate it.


It was phenomenal.  Pete also got me a card and a couple of little gifts since I start work on Monday.  It was so unbelievably thoughtful and it amazes me that despite how absolutely insane I am, he still wants to be with me after almost three years.

And, since we’re both in our twenties senior citizens, we ate all of this deliciousness at five o’clock.

No big plans for today…but since it’s not supposed to rain (which is a miracle, since it’s rained everyday for at least the past week), I think I will go for a long run.  I’m definitely due for one, and with the busy week ahead, I want to make sure I get a good one in.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!